Technical/Subscriber F.A.Q.

Q: Will the price I was quoted jump substantially in the second year?
A: No, our user agreement states that we may not raise the price more than 5% per billing cycle (1 year). We generally don't increase the price at all.

Q: Is remote access provided?
A: Yes, remote access is provided as a part of your subscription at no extra charge. We handle all forms of authentication.

Q: What are the technical requirements for using Nuwav?
A: If you are using Internet Explorer, version 7 or later is required. For all browsers JavaScript and cookies need to be enabled.

Q: Are software updates included in the subscription price?
A: Yes, all updates are included in the subscription price.

Q: How often is the software updated?
A: Often. Nuwav is regularly updated.

Q: If I unsubscribe, can my patrons still access their documents?
A: Yes, if you cancel your subscription your patrons may still access and delete or modify their documents, though they may not create new documents.

Q: What types of authentication do you offer?
A: We offer all forms of authentication, including IP, referring URL, library card, and username/password.

Q: What kind of documents do you have?
A: Our collection covers a broad range of catagories and includes virtually everything patrons come into the library for.

Q: From which budget should I pay for Nuwav?
A: It's up to you. Some libraries prefer to pay out of their reference budget, while some use other budgets.

Q: Are there a limit to the number of concurrent users?
A: No, there are no limits of any kind with a normal subscription.

Q: Are usage statistics provide?
A: Yes.